What Others Say

Rathbeag burial barrow

"For a wonderful experience of Ireland off the beaten path, you must meet Mike Croghan, of Rathcroghan Tours. Mike is a goodhearted, down-to-earth man. His sharing of the history of his ancestral lands was a highlight of our Mists of Ireland Tour. The experience our group had in the Cave of the Cats (entrance to the Lower World) will forever be in my bank of beautiful memories of the Land of Eire."


 "Mike is passionate about Rathcroghan, the ancient Irish Royal site in Co. Roscommon. Rathcroghan is a four square mile archaeological complex dating back over 5000 years. Mike's knowledge and passion brings the complex to life, without an expert guide like Mike the monuments are merely earthworks in a field. The literary home of Queen Meave, the Warrior Queen mentioned in the Ulster Cycle and the main protagonist in the story of the Táin Bó Cuailnge (Cattle Raid of Cooley), Rathcroghan is one of 5 ancient Provincial Royal sites dating back to the Iron Age and played a central part in the ancient history of Ireland."



"My wife and I hired Mike as a tour guide when we were in Roscommon County, Ireland in Oct of 2013. He was right on time and we really enjoyed the tour. He had great stories about the area and we could tell he was tailoring and adjusting his tour as he got to know us and the things that most interested us. We'd recommend his tour with high confidence."


"We hired Mike to show us the sacred sites and powerful places around Roscommon. Since we write travel books about these kinds of places, we have high expectations and high standards for our guides. Mike met and surpassed them. He led us deep into wonderful places we could not have found without him--deep both in the physical sense and in the historical/archeological/mythical background. We had some amazing encounters at powerful places, thanks to his guidance. I recommend him without hesitation."